5 tips to survive the holidays in Cary

5 tips to survive the holidays in Cary

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The holiday season can be a very stressful time for many people. From unhealthy food, family stress, financial strain, and traveling it’s easy to become exhausted by the beginning of the new year. Here are some of the tools to help survive the holidays.

  • Fuel your body right. What you eat and absorb becomes part of you. While there are many tasty options of food at this time of year stick to the old rule of moderation. Have a slice of pie, but not the whole pie. Dark leafy greens and fruit are loaded with antioxidants to combat the effect of stress.
  • Try to get 7hrs of sleep a night. While you sleep, your body does most of its growth and repair. Your body produces a hormone called cortisol which helps your body deal with stress. Did you know that sleeping is required to replenish cortisol levels?
  • Exercise. This is a natural way to reduce stress. Exercise releases endorphins and enkephalins, which make you feel good. This is where the expression “runners high came from.” A brisk 30 minute walk each day is something most people can do.
  • Choose to find the joy in each moment. There are some relatives that you can’t avoid and some holiday parties you just have to go to but take attitude to optimism. We can’t always control our situations but we can choose how we respond to them. It’s okay to not please everyone
  • Know that you are loved. You are awesome and there is only one you!

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