Chiropractic Testimonials

Excellent Service
“Based on 30 plus years of Chiropractic adjustments the Gonstead method used at Legacy Chiropractic is the only treatment I will have going forward. Combined with the exceptional care, knowledge of the body and Dr. John’s attention to detail there is nobody else I would recommend.

I have been having issues that I can not tell you how long they have been going on and it was affecting my quality of life. The other Chiropractors that I have seen helped to keep the situation from worsening but did not eliminate the stress on my body. Dr. John performed the initial consultation and zeroed in on the stress points of my spine. Dr. John changed my life and I will be forever grateful. Thanks Dr. John!!!!!”

- Ken H.

“We’ve just moved to Cary and needed to find a chiropractor. I researched Gonstead chiropractors in the RTP area and was delighted to find one in Cary!

Dr Ballam is exceptionally careful and specific. His personality is welcoming and friendly and most importantly he is able to adjust areas of my spine that historically are difficult to adjust. My 13 year old daughter went in today for Xrays and to lay out a program for wellness care. I don’t know of a more specific and thorough chiropractor in the Cary area.”

- Samantha K.

“I have been to multiple chiropractors, and Dr. Ballam is awesome, as is his wife. Above all else he is very thorough and his approach has made a huge difference in my back and neck. He really listens to what you have to say, and takes the time to address all your concerns. They are very patient and flexible and really care about their clients. I would recommend him to anyone, and frequently do.”

- Amy S.

Shoulder Pain
“When I began my trips to the chiropractic office, there was pain in my right shoulder, off and on for a while. Then it would get really sore. Also, there was a tenderness and soreness on my right hip that just wouldn’t go away. Once my adjustments began, within a two month time period, the pain in the right shoulder and right hip went away. Currently, I have no pain/problems in these areas of my body.”

- Rosa L.

Back Pain
“I have had chronic back pain for years. Since I have been coming here the back pain is gone. I also am a “self popper”-always popping my back-and the urge is now gone. I feel 100% better since coming to this office! I am grateful for everything Dr. Ballam has done for my back!"

- Kimberly H.

“I came to see Dr. John because I was having terrible lower back pain. After the first consultation we realized that my hips were not in the correct position. After just a few adjustments the pain was drastically reduced. The treatment was actually reduced to twice a month a lot quicker than we thought it would. I am now pain free and feeling great!”

- Jeff E.

“My experience at Legacy Chiropractic has marked a pivotal point in my journey toward physical well-being. In a nutshell, my quality of life has drastically improved as a result of the diagnostic approach and chiropractic care of Dr. Ballam. As a professional musician, I have suffered a variety of structural problems for many years. Although, I have tried other types of therapy and visited other chiropractors, none of these were able to pinpoint the root cause of my problems. Various adjustments would give relief for a short period of time, but before long, the discouraging discomfort would return.

Within minuets during my first visit with Dr. Ballam at Legacy, he had narrowed down the one area in my back that was affecting ALL of my other structural issues! I could feel immediate relief once he gave me the adjustment… and that sense of “rightness” has lasted! I am so grateful for Dr. Ballam’s expertise and so impressed with the Gonstead method of chiropractic! I highly recommend Legacy Chiropractic to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.”

- Suzie B.

Neck Pain
“I found Dr. Ballam’s office when I researched Gonstead chiropractors in Cary after being involved in a car accident. I came to Legacy Chiropractic with ‘deep’ pain in my neck. After a couple weeks of adjusting a few times a week, I could hardly remember how consuming the neck pain had been at first! Dr. Ballam is one of the only chiropractors I’ve been to who is able to adjust a specific place on my spine. As soon as he adjusts, I feel like I can take deeper breaths! We’re excited not only to get my neck back to optimal health, but to make Legacy Chiropractic part of our wellness plan.”

- Samantha K.

Low Back Spasms
“I came to Legacy Chiropractic in the hopes of reducing the occurance of low back pain episodes. Periodically, I became bed-ridden-unable to walk without suffering great pain radiating down my legs. My triggers seem to be improper lifting, slipping or just getting out of the car wrong.

I recently completed a hiking trip with my son that involved hiking 40 miles over 4 days with lots of change in elevation. I was worried that I would suffer lower back problems on this hike so I became a patient of Legacy and Dr. Ballam started adjusting my spine. I believe we started at 3 treatments per week but reduced the frequency of visits since Dr. Ballam felt that the adjustments were making a big improvement.

Well I went on the hike and it was strenuous! I fell, slipped and was generally hard on my back. The good news was that I completed the hike pain free with no low back blow-outs! I believe the adjustments are one piece that helped – the other was coaching from Dr. Ballam on diet, importance of maintaining a certain weight and exercise. One other note – I can say that there is immediate relief when Dr. Ballam adjusts my neck vertebrae.”

- Mark H.

Scoliosis and IBS
“Having had Harrington Rod surgery at age 14 for scoliosis, I didn’t think I would have any problems with my back. After all, I thought I was corrected. Fast forward with continued lower back pain and feeling off balance for years, I met Dr. Ballam at the Gluten Free Expo. He was quickly able to identify my body’s compensations, shift, and ascertain even with my rods, that he could help me feel better. I was a little leery at first due to rumored horror stories I had her of chiropractic.

But with my first visit, I felt better. I am always amazed at how he is able to precisely pinpoint where to go and how much pressure or manipulation is needed. The visits to Dr. Ballam hves helped me greatly with better elimination, less IBS and definitely less pain. Thank you very much for your humble care.”

- Shana Y.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
“Since my first treatment or adjustment, my balance has improved so much. I usually walk with a cane to assist me with balance, but for the past two weeks I have not used it. Also, the lower back pain has diminished. The facial pain from trigeminal neurapathy is not as frequent which allows me to sleep better at night. I never imagined that a chiropractor could bring relief to the pain and balance problems I have had for the past eight years.”

- Valerie K.

Disc Herniation
“Although I was first apprehensive at seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Ballam really impressed me with his knowledge of the spine and CNS, patient advocacy and friendliness. My history/symptoms were centered around my neck and lower back pain which became very obvious 18 months ago when I had a double cervical disc-herniation. I was strongly considering surgery for a double fusion when I first took matters into my own hands and sought alternative/aggressive and targeted PT.

Although this PT reduced the symptoms, it did not address the underlying issue and I didn’t know what it was until I saw Dr. Ballam. Unlike all my previous Health Care Providers (HCP) on this issue, Dr. Ballam was the first to look at my entire spine and CNS as a system using XRAY and EMG. Based on this, he was able to show me that my misalignment (subluxations) was partially responsible for my neck issue. In addition, he was able to explain other maladies such as my uneven weight distribution on my legs. In my 6 weeks of seeing Dr. Ballam , I have a much better understanding of the connectedness of my spine, CNS and general well-being.

The lower-back spasms have disappeared, my neck feels the best in 18 months and I feel like I’m standing straighter. Dr. Ballam embraces all the earmarks of an excellent doctor of chiropractic: deep-rooted knowledge of the spine and CNS, improved patient results, patient advocate and a great teacher.”

- Keith M.

Acid Reflux
“I’ve always been a bit skeptical about chiropractic because I’ve heard horror stories/rumors about it and it didn’t seem worth the risk. However, after my neck locked up post car accident, I finally started listening to my boss and went in for an appointment. Clearly I should have started earlier- my spine looked like a freaky question mark on the X-ray! Dr. Ballam was confident that he could help me not only get rid of my back and neck pain, but also help with the acid reflux that has been plaguing my life since college. It’s only about a month or so later and I can’t believe the change! The neck pain was gone after one session and even sitting down has gotten more comfortable for me as my back straightens out. Most importantly, I haven’t missed one day of work due to reflux since I started- no more vomiting, sweating, or being woken up at night! TOTALLY worth it!”

- Lauren H.

“I injured my back in August of 2010. My mom recommended the family chiropractor. So I went to him for several months and my back started to feel better, but not 100%. So I thought maybe I should try a different chiropractor and see how they do things. I was at LA Fitness working out and ran into Dr. Ballam. I figured since I wanted to see what another chiropractor had to say, I would give him a try.

I immediately felt like he knew what he was talking about. After just 20 minutes of talking with Dr. Ballam , I had been given way more knowledge than my family chiropractor had ever given me. So I showed up at his office the next day and got the X-rays and the scans done. And after that I have been seeing Dr. Ballam since then. It has now been around 4 months that I’ve been seeing them and my asthma is almost non-existent.

My allergies have gone down drastically and I’m feeling a whole lot better. Not to mention all the knowledge they have given me about my body. Anything from my nervous system to nutrition, exercising and just living a healthier life style. It has been priceless to me!! Thank you very much Dr. Ballam!!”

- Dan M.

Migraine Headaches
“My headaches began gradually over the period of a couple months, but once they took hold, they were relentless; all day, every day for 10 months. They were like an ice pick in my skull and they were debilitating. Long story short, after seeing 3 neurologists, a headache specialist, orthopedic doctor, and countless other doctors-not to mention thousands of dollars spent on procedures and medication-I thought I might as well see a chiropractor. Nothing else had made the slightest difference in the pain, so I contacted Dr. Ballam. Boy, do I wish I had done it sooner! After only a couple of visits, my headache was dissipating. Now a couple months later, it is almost completely gone! God bless chiropractic! I’m a convert.”

- John L.

“About two months ago I came here because of chronic migraine headaches. I could only take three pain pills per week and the neurologist told me to put ice on my neck on the other days. After a few weeks of treatment here I only needed 1/2 a pain pill per week and when I did get a headache it was very mild. I now only need one adjustment per week and my headaches have mostly gone.”

- Dennis M.

Acne and Menstrual Cramps
“When I first started coming to see Dr. Ballam, I was hoping to get relief for pain in my midback, as well as improve my overall posture. My neck was noticeably off—in pictures I could see that my head was quite a bit forward of my shoulders, but I didn’t know that was something chiropractic could fix.

I was impressed by Dr. Ballam’s professional personality, as well as his practice of the Gonstead technique, which I learned to be more specific and effective than some techniques other chiropractors had used with me. I learned that the forward position of my neck was a reverse curve and that it was causing some of the migraines and sinus problems I had been having.

Within a few months of care, the back pain and neck position changed dramatically. Migraines were once a regular occurrence for me, but are now rare. The chiropractic care also helped with other areas of my health that I was not expecting. I had struggled with acne for YEARS, but the chiropractic care helped my body to begin functioning better, and most of the acne is now gone.

Additionally, I used to struggle with incredibly painful menstrual cramps and would have to take many doses of painkillers each month, but after about 6 months of care, my menstrual cramps subsided and I no longer needed to take drugs. I would recommend Legacy Chiropractic and Dr. Ballam to anyone looking to improve their health the natural way.”

- Sarah B.


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