Choosing Postural Exercise in Cary

Choosing Postural Exercise in Cary

Choosing Postural Exercise in Cary

YWTL Postural Exercise
Most people would agree that postural exercise is good and they could probably do more. The challenge is fitting them into the day. This post will teach you one exercise you can incorporate into any part of your day.

Core strength is crucial in supporting your spine. By design we are meant to be moving every day. We should be walking, bending, twisting, lifting, and sweating every day. Most Americans spend more of their time sitting rather than doing the above. These movements cannot be ignored because they build core strength which supports and helps to keep the spine in line. Poor conditioning of the core muscles creates weakness in the spine and presents opportunity for subluxation from the smallest amount of trauma. Subluxations are the misalignments of the spine which disrupt the communication of your nervous system. While postural exercise cant correct a subluxation they are beneficial in preventing them.

A strong core=strong spine=less chance for a subluxation.

This simple exercise is something everyone can do throughout the day to combat the positional stress of sitting for hours a day. The name YWTL is descriptive of how to position your arms.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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