Cary Chiropractor Talks about Specific Chiropractic in Cary

Cary Chiropractor Talks about Specific Chiropractic in Cary

Cary Chiropractor Talks about Wellness Care

How many of you have tried to hammer a nail into a piece of wood? I remember as a kid helping my dad with projects around the house. He used to toss me the scrap pieces of wood so I could practice nailing them together. Watching the best carpenters, they can make hammering a nail look easy. At the young age of 8, I could say it wasn’t so easy. I missed more than once and ended up banging up the piece of wood. In frustration, I would hammer with more force, but the best carpenters will tell you that it’s not about strength, its about accuracy. The swinging hammer has all of the force it needs to sink the nail as long as it hits the target. Swinging harder but missing the nail is as good as being a mile off target. The only way to sink a nail is to hit it dead on.

Chiropractic is the same way. For ages, people have been manipulating the spine causing bones to move. In 1856 D.D. Palmer was the first to adjust the spine applying the philosophy of hitting a nail. His adjustment was all about precision, not force. He only moved one bone and created a total change to his patients nervous system. That patient was able to hear again after being deaf for 17 years. Prior to this point, spinal manipulation took the approach of “pop and pray.” It looked a lot like my early years of hammering a nail. Imagine what would have happened if DD Palmer had missed the mark by a few millimeters. His patient most likely would not have been able to hear after getting off the table. Chiropractic is based on a philosophy, a science and an art. The understanding and application of all three is what allows the chiropractors to hit the mark.

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