The 5 Signs of Life in Cary

The 5 Signs of Life in Cary

Achieve a Healthier Spine in Cary

This week is Halloween making it the perfect time to talk about the 5 signs of life. How do you know when something is really alive…by the 5 signs of life.

  1. Assimilation: You may have heard “you are what you eat.” This is actually false. The saying should be “you are what you absorb.” Assimilation is the ability of your body to take certain food materials in and use them for growth, maintenance and becoming part of you. Failure of the body to perform this task leads to malnourishment and starvation of the tissues in your body.
  2. Excretion: Every healthy cell in your body produces waste that must be eliminated. Your body has specific pathways to detoxify and eliminate these waste materials. If there were not a means to rid the cells of these toxins, the cells would greatly suffer and ultimately perish.
  3. Adaptability: This is the ability of an organism to respond to all forces that come at it. Maintaining internal body temperature when you step outside on a cold day is an example of adaptability. Muscles growing in strength is an example of adapting to increasing physical stress. Failure of the body to adapt to stress leads to breakdown of tissue, sickness, and ultimately death.
  4. Growth: Defined as the ability to expand to maturity according to an intelligent plan. Every cell in your body acts according to this rule and follows specific parameters of growth in both amount and direction. Cellular undergrowth and overgrowth suggests lack of coordination within the body.
  5. Reproduction: Every living organism has two primal functions…survive and reproduce. Reproduction is an essential for the body to replace injured and expired cells and tissues. Cellular reproduction is not accomplished by chance or without intelligent control. If that were the case pathology could be the only result. An example of this is cancerous tissue. Cancerous cells act apart from the will of the body and work for their own survival rather than the survival of the body.

Coordination within the body is what creates heath and produces these 5 signs of life. A Subluxation in the spine decreases coordination in the body and produces less expression of life. This is why people feel like they have more energy, better health and more life when they get adjusted regularly. To learn more contact Legacy Chiropractic in Cary NC for more information.


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