Back and neck pain-August’s testimonial of the month in Cary NC

Back and neck pain-August’s testimonial of the month in Cary

Sciatic Leg Pain in Cary NC

Legacy Chiropractic’s Success Story of the Month: August

First Name: Suzie B. Age: 31

Suzie’s story of finding relief from back and neck pain:

“My experience at Legacy Chiropractic has marked a pivotal point in my journey toward physical well-being. In a nutshell, my quality of life has drastically improved as a result of the diagnostic approach and chiropractic care of Dr. Ballam. As a professional musician, I have suffered a variety of structural problems for many years. Although, I have tried other types of therapy and visited other chiropractors, none of these were able to pinpoint the root cause of my problems. Various adjustments would give relief for a short period of time, but before long, the discouraging discomfort would return. Within minutes during my first visit with Dr. Ballam at Legacy, he had narrowed down the one area in my back that was affecting ALL of my other structural issues! I could feel immediate relief once he gave me the adjustment… and that sense of “rightness” has lasted! I am so grateful for Dr. Ballam’s expertise and so impressed with the Gonstead method of chiropractic! I highly recommend Legacy Chiropractic to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.”


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