Cary Chiropractor Discusses Back Pain Relief-Naturally

Cary Chiropractor Discusses Back Pain Relief-Naturally

chiropractor discusses herniated discs

“Name: Jessie H Age: 30

When did you start care? December 2014

How has Chiropractic changed your life?

One night I bent down to pick up a piece of paper on the floor and my back tightened up very bad. I couldn’t move without pain. I went to Dr. Ballam a few days afterward and he took some x-rays and let me know the issue, or issues is better said. The first thing he attended to were my hips and I’ll tell you what, I felt so much better that day, I was a believer. Now I am coming in regularly to make sure I stay aligned. Well worth every penny. Lastly, the atmosphere created by Dr. Ballam, Gina and the rest of the team is refreshing and life to my heart, soul, mind and body.”


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