Cary Chiropractor explains how to Bullet Proof Your Low Back

Cary Chiropractor explains how to Bullet Proof Your Low Back

Back Pain Tips from a Cary Chiropractor

Bullet proof your low back

The key to a bullet proof back is a healthy spine and nervous system. Three keys a healthy spine and nervous system are:

  • Adjustments in rhythm
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Strong core

Here are 5 exercises that can be done at home to strengthen your core.


  • Stand up straight and take a step forward
  • Bend front knee to approximately 90 degree angle
  • Keep back straight
  • Bend back knee until close to the floor without touching
  • Then stand back up bringing feet back together


  • Feet shoulder width apart and back straight
  • Bend knees and lower yourself into a chair-like sitting position
  • Keep knees in line with your ankles


  • Lie on floor face down on elbows
  • Palms facing down balancing on toes
  • Keep back flat with a straight line from head to heels
  • Contract abdominal muscle

Push Ups:

  • Hands slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Balance on toes (knees)
  • Body should be straight from shoulders to knees to ankles
  • Keep glutes and abs engaged
  • Bend elbow until chest is just above floor
  • Extend arms and raise body upward

Jumping Jacks:

  • Start with feet together and arms at sides
  • Bend knees and jump while bringing arms overhead and spreading feet apart
  • Jump again bringing arms back to your sides and feet back together

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