Start boosting your immune system NOW in Cary

Start boosting your immune system NOW in Cary

Exercise Smarter in Cary

You’ve probably heard you should take Vitamin-C when sick. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that we cannot make on our own so it has to be consumed in our diet. Did you know that most of us have more than enough vitamin C in our diet but we can’t use it? Vitamin-C and Glucose (sugar) enter your cells through the same doorway. If you look at the structure of glucose sugar and Vitamin-C they are almost exactly the same shape and form. This is why they can both use the same entrance into your cells. The problem for Vitamin-C is that your body will always take sugar in first. When you have too much sugar floating in your body then the Vitamin-C gets put on hold leading to cellular deficiency. A Vitamin-C deficiency reduces your immune response making you target for an invader like the flu virus. Compounding the problem, sugar feeds infection. The best thing to do is cut down your sugar intake. This means candy, soda, and processed grains. Increasing your Vitamin-C saturates your body so it forces its way in over the sugar. This can be helpful when you are sick.

A vital nutrient that not only plays a role in strong bones but a strong immune system. Unlike Vitamin-C, The body is able to create Vitamin-D3 with the help of sunlight. Of course in the winter months, sunlight can be harder to come by. This makes it difficult for people to make adequate levels of Vitamin-D3. You can also get Vitamin D3 through your diet in meat, dairy, and eggs. For some people, taking 1000IU of Vitamin D3 daily is helpful.

The bulk of growth and repair in your body takes place while you sleep. Although it is not a vitamin, it is just as vital. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep. The way to know if you get enough quality sleep is you feel rested when you get up. Experiment with different times of going to bed until you find the amount right for you. Most people do best with 8 hours of sleep.

Movement is life. Exercise conditions the body and improves circulation. Poor circulation makes it difficult for the body to send germ fighting cells to infection areas.
Poor circulation also makes it hard to flush out the waste byproducts from an infection.


Emotional stress weakens the immune system. Although you might not be able to remove everything that stresses you out find healthy outlets to deal with it. Talk to a family member, friend or counselor to work though the things that stress you out.

Meaning “for-life” pro-biotics are one of the body’s first line of defenses in the gut. Supplementing with a pro-biotic or eating cultured foods like sour kraut and yogurt are great ways get them. Cut out the sugars though since they feed the harmful bacteria which you don’t want.

Omega-3 Fats
These fats are getting a lot of talk today. They are vitally important building blocks in your nervous system and they counteract inflammation. Deficiency of Omega-3 fats reduces the body’s ability to mount a healthy immune response at the right time. Omega-3s are in flax seed, dark leafy green vegetables, grass fed meat, eggs, and cold water fish.

Research has shown that chiropractic care can help support proper immune function. Chiropractic adjustments keep your body free of subluxations ensuring that your nervous system is communicating optimally throughout your body. The immune system can only do what the nervous system tells it to do. If you haven’t had your spine checked our office offers outstanding care. Please check out our new patient offer if you are ready to take the next step.

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