Cary Chiropractor Explains Dehydration, a risk for back pain

Cary Chiropractor Explains Dehydration, a risk for back pain

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When it gets hot like this the risk of dehydration is as high as the temperature. Did you know that when you become dehydrated you are putting your spine at risk? Your spinal column is made of 24 moveable bones with discs between the bones. These discs are largely made up of water. Every time you become dehydrated your body has to cheat some of the hydration out of your spinal joints. A lifetime of dehydration can cause damage to the spinal joints, increase your risk of bone spurs, and spinal stenosis. This can lead to the the association of dehydration and back pain. Here are ten simple tips to ensure that you are staying hydrated and healthy on hot days like this.

  1. Drink water! This is common sense but too many of us don’t get enough water even on the good days. One simple formula to guide you in choosing how much water to take your body wieght number in half. That number is the number of ounces you should aim to drink in one day. Now, if you are not accustomed to drinking that much water or very much water, it might be impossible to jump up to that number in one day. It’s wise to start aiming toward that goal by adding an extra glass of water each day to give your body time to get used to drinking that much.
  2. Sip on coconut water: This drink is loaded with electrolytes like a sports drink but without the artificial colors and sweeteners. Every time you sweat, your body looses some of the electrolytes. This is what makes sweat salty. A bottle of coconut water will do the trick to get you back on track.
  3. Enjoy a bowl of fruit: This treat, is refreshing but also loaded with hydration. A cold slice of watermelon can hydrate and cool you off. Plus it doesn’t have as much sugar or any artificial colors like many Popsicles. Water Melon
  4. Weigh yourself: We’ve all heard of the celebrity water weight diets. The water in your body contributes to a large percentage of your weight. If you step on a scale and are surprised by sudden weight loss in a short time you may be dehydrated. Hop on the scale before and after you exercise to make sure you are replacing the hydration you sweated out.
  5. Check the toilet. Frequency and color: If you find that you are urinating less frequently on a hot day you may becoming dehydrated. If you urine is dark yellow you may be dehydrated. Your urine should be a pale yellow color, not the color of apple juice.
  6. Musles and strength: Do you feel weak and fatigued. Are your muscles giving out. You may be dehydrated and a glass of water may be all you need to clear the brain fog.
  7. Tame Thirst: They say that when you start to feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. To prevent this your goal should be to prevent yourself from becoming thirsty. To do this, get a water bottle that you can sip from throughout the day. This way you don’t have to wait and get thirsty to go get a drink. Water Bottles
  8. Pinch yourself: This simple test involves lightly pinching your skin on the back of your hand. When properly hydrated, your skin should bounce right back with resilience. If your skin slowly returns to normal position, you could be showing signs of dehydration.
  9. Dry Mouth: This feeling is one of the worst. If you are feeling this way, you probably don’t need to be convinced that you are thirsty. Go ahead and get that glass of water or two.
  10. Dizziness: Dehydration does strange things to our blood pressure. The decreased hydration leads to decreased plasma volume in our blood and this can lead to foggyheadedness. This can be a serious symptom of dehydration.

So next time you walk in the kitchen fill up that water bottle and drink to your health and your spines health. Your whole body will thank you.

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