Relief for Shingles Pain from a Cary Chiropractic Office

Relief for Shingles Pain from a Cary Chiropractic Office

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First Name: Sandy Last Initial: P Age: 62

When did you start care? January 2015

How has Chiropractic changed your life?

Ten years ago, I was diagnose with post-herpetic neuralgia, (pain from shingles). I have been wearing a Lidocaine pain patch every day since then and taking pain medication at night. After six month with Dr. Ballam, I am no longer wearing the pain patches. I had been told that the pain might never resolve. I can hardly believe how good I feel. What a lucky day for me when a friend referred me here to Legacy Chiropractic. My quality of life is better and so is my attitude.

Thank you for telling your Chiropractic story.”


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