Dramatic Posture Change- October Testimonial of the Month

Dramatic Posture Change- October Testimonial of the Month

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First Name: Marcus

Age: 41

“I consider meeting Dr. Ballam and availing myself of his services as an answer to prayer. For a long time I had been concerned about my posture but didn’t quite know what to do about it…I had even seen different products coming on the market that are supposed to help people with this. Additionally, I had received excellent Chiropractic care from a different provider in the past but they never helped me understand or resolve fundamental issues in my posture. After visiting Dr. Ballam and benefiting from the Gonstead Technique, I began to quickly see results! Now for the first time, I was able to improve my posture and see lasting results as he addressed the fundamental issues of the current state of my spine, hips and lower back. I saw dramatic results in a short time period and am excited about the current “fine tuning” phase we seem to be going through. I also noticed that my body temperature seemed to increase fairly significantly since the adjustments, especially after I eat. I suspect this is due to an improvement in my metabolism or digestive processes realized from the treatment, but I have not sought out an Endocrinologist to validate this. Finally, with my improved posture I have a much stronger sense of confidence and sense of wellbeing. I was shocked to learn that this is a common byproduct of people who undergo this type of corrective process. I truly appreciate the atmosphere of the office and the kind spirit that the entire practice subscribes too! You should have Dr. Ballam take a look at you to see if he can help you…remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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