Cary Chiropractors talking about Infant Re flux

Cary Chiropractors talking about Infant Re flux

Cary Chiropractors May Help Scoliosis

“First Name: Callan Age: 6 weeks

Callan had severe acid reflux from the time he was born. After multiple emergency visits to the pediatrician, we were willing to try anything. After recommendations, we took Callan for blood tests, to an ENT, a cardiologist, and a gastroenterologist. With every visit to a specialist we were discouraged that no one felt they could do anything to help. We put him on prescription Zantac and changed his formula multiple times.

Callan’s grandfather was seeing Dr. Ballam and after talking, he informed him that he thought he could help. After just two adjustments the results have been amazing. Dr. Ballam has given me the happy, smiling, calm child I always knew was hiding behind the whining, crying, uncomfortable child that I had for the first six weeks of his life. Callan is currently symptom free. He is eating better, sleeping better and an overall happier child thanks to Dr. Ballam!”

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