Finding the right pillow a Cary Chiropractic Office article

Finding the right pillow a Cary Chiropractic Office article

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I get asked a lot what kind of pillow I recommend. While I don’t work for the pillow companies, I do have some advice on how to pick the best pillow for you. The short answer is any pillow that does not cause a subluxation in your spine. In this post I will make this answer clearer.

My role as the chiropractor is to detect and correct subluxations in your spine. If I discover any ways you might be adding subluxations to your spine I will let you know.

Subluxations are caused by traumas, bad habits, or the combination of both. Sleeping position for many people falls into the “bad habit” category. While many people enjoy sleeping on their stomach, it is one of the worst things to do to your spine. In order to sleep on your stomach, you have to turn your face to the side for breathing. This places continuous stress on the neck and midback and creates subluxations for many people. My best recommendation is sleeping in a position that keeps a spine the most neutral position. Back sleeping and side sleeping are two of the best options. If you are a side sleeper be careful to keep your shoulders and hips in line. It will be tempting to turn the hips down adding rotation to your low back.

When selecting a pillow find one that supports your neck. Too many people have pillows that are too thick tipping the head up or too thin allowing the head to droop.

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