Cary Chiropractic Healing takes time

Cary Chiropractic Healing takes time

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The first Time I read this saying forced me to do a double take. This again made me realize how wise Albert Einstein was and how much I have to learn. The whole point of this saying is to keep in the forefront of our minds that we should discover the more important lesson that should be learned in all areas of our lives. Many of you first came Legacy Chiropractic because of a crisis situation and wanted to be “fixed” and to be relieved of your symptoms.

Now that you are educated about your body, hopefully you understand the importance of getting to the root cause of your health crisis and you realize masking the symptom is only a short term solution for a long term problem that has been festering inside your body for years. Obviously one adjustment cannot undo a problem that has been inside you for years.

Healing takes time! Healing is a process so please respect this principle. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither was your body, nor your family, nor your house, nor your relationships, nor your expertise with the work you do. The list could go on and on.

So why would anyone expect anything different to apply when your body fails to adapt and you develop a health crisis or symptom? Your high blood pressure, heart condition, high cholesterol, digestive problems, obesity, lower back pain, migraines, vertigo, fertility problems, asthma and numbness didn’t just appear overnight. So why expect these conditions to heal over night?

Knowing that your nerve system controls how your body functions (and all the conditions above), we need to make sure there is proper communication from your brain to your body and back to your brain so your body can heal itself. This is how chiropractic works.

This post was submitted by True Chiropractic in Roseville, MN who also practices the Gonstead Method of chiropractic. You can see the original post here.To learn more contact Legacy Chiropractic in Cary NC for more information.


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