Brain fog and arm weakness-July’s testimonial of the month

Brain fog and arm weakness-July’s testimonial of the month

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Ken’s story of finding relief from brain fog and weakness in his arms:

“I write this email out of gratitude and frustration. Gratitude for you (Dr. Ballam) being my chiropractor and frustration that it took so long to find a person who studies the human body and uses this knowledge to help others. I have not studied the human body but have known that the spine and its nervous system are important factors in our overall health. Over the years I have been to specialists that are only focused in the area that promotes their practice and they did not think outside the box to help their patients. I have been prescribed drugs, MRIs and more drugs that just masked the problem or were of no benefit. I have had what I call brain fog which is similar to having allergy symptoms year round that at times all I did was nap on the couch to make myself comfortable. There were times that my arms were weak and I could not hold them over my head for periods of time. As a self-employed person these symptoms greatly affected my ability to perform my job and only by being blessed with a great wife and a staff at my business was I able to work through these difficult times.

Primary doctors are not networking with Chiropractors and not all Chiropractors practice the Gonstead method when adjusting the spine. For thirty years I saw a number of non-Gonstead Chiropractors that stabilized my condition but were not able to improve my overall health. November of 2013 Dr. Ballam took a look at my spine noticing three areas that were of concern. My brain fog and arm weakness cleared up after my first adjustment and my overall health continues to improve. If I feel the brain fog coming back Dr. Ballam knows which adjustment will clear up the symptom. I have also referred a number of my employees to Dr. Ballam, one that has seen improvement with his recently diagnosed diabetes and one who thought he was going to need orthoscopic knee surgery but it was his lower back that needed adjusting and now does not need knee surgery. The human body is amazing and if we give it a chance to heal you will see it perform wonders. I recommend Dr. Ballam to anybody that wants to improve their health or needs a second opinion regarding what steps need to be taken to improve your overall health. Thank you Dr. Ballam!!”

- Ken


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