Low back pain and sitting on your wallet in Cary?

Low back pain and sitting on your wallet in Cary?

Is It Just Back Pain in Cary?

Everyone has to sit and many of us sit more than we should. The topic of sitting can be a topic on it’s own, so today this is about what you sit on. Men, this is written to you since you carry your keys, a phone, and/or wallet in your back pocket. One time, I even had a patient pull out a full sized calculator. As a chiropractor, I regularly see cases of low back pain and hip pain. I not only see it as my job to help these people get well but to teach them how to stay well. Part of the job is detective work to identify daily bad habits. Frequent for men, it is sitting on their wallets. This is dangerous when sitting because it creates uneven stress on the pelvis and the low back.

Sitting on a wallet may contribute to pelvic misalignment and abnormal spinal curvatures. Even the thinnest wallets can distort the posture of the spine and pelvis. Over time this postural stress can contribute to disc herniation, spinal degeneration, and lead to low back pain or sciatica. The best solution is to make use of the front pockets, coat pockets, brief case, or backpack.

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