Silent Spinal Degeneration in Cary

Silent Spinal Degeneration in Cary

The Sitting Epidemic in Cary

Myth: I will know I have a back problem because I will have pain.

Fact: You can have a spinal problem such as disc degeneration and have no pain at all.

This is an x-ray of a 50 year old man who came in only complaining of shoulder pain. No back pain was reported. However, there is significant spinal disc degeneration under the 5th lumbar vertebra. Can you see how thin the space looks between the 5th vertebra and the tailbone? This level of degeneration can take over 20 years to develop. The space between 4 and 5 is closer to what a normal healthy disc looks like. The spinal degeneration may not be showing symptoms now, but left uncorrected it is likely to lead to complications down the road. The nerve root exiting between 5 and the sacrum is the communication line to the buttocks, reproductive organs, bladder, prostate, lower legs and feet. Don’t wait for your back to hurt to find out there is a problem. Stop by to have your spinal checkup today.


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