June’s Testimonial of the Month-back spasms and disc herniation

June’s Testimonial of the Month-back spasms and disc herniation

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Keith’s story of finding relief from back spasms, disc herniation, and imbalance:

“Although I was first apprehensive at seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Ballam really impressed me with his knowledge of the spine and the central nervous system, patient advocacy, and friendliness. My history/symptoms were centered around my neck and lower back pain which became very obvious 18 months ago when I had a double cervical disc-herniation. I was strongly considering surgery for a double fusion when I first took matters into my own hands and sought alternative/aggressive and targeted physical therapy. Although this reduced the symptoms, it did not address the underlying issue and I didn’t know what it was until I saw Dr. Ballam. Unlike all my previous health care providers on this issue, Dr. Ballam was the first look at my entire spine and nervous system using x-ray, postural assessment, and the nervoscope. Based on this, he was able to show me that my misalignment (subluxations) was partially responsible for my neck issue. In addition, he was able to explain other maladies such as my uneven weight distribution on my legs. In my 6 weeks of seeing Dr. Ballam, I have a much better understanding of the connectedness of my spine, nervous system, and general well-being. The lower-back spasms have disappeared, my neck feels the best in 18 months and I feel like I’m standing straighter. Dr. Ballam embraces all the earmarks of an excellent health care provider in chiropractic: deep-rooted knowledge of the spine and nervous system, improved patient results, patient advocate, and a great explainer.” -Keith, age 47

Gonstead Chiropractic has proven success in giving patients relief from herniated discs without drugs or surgery.

herniated disc x ray in Cary NC

Pre- and post-MRI of a patient with a herniated disc under Gonstead Chiropractic care.

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